Grain Discounts

2016 Soybean & Corn DP Rates 6 cents per month or .002 cents per day NO DROP CHARGE

2016 Soybean & Corn Open Storage Rates 15 Cent Drop then 6 cents a month:


Farmers we will now be buying grain through out the day of grain coming in across the scales and grain on DP and Open Storage while the e-trade is open during our business hours. The e-trade will begin at 8:00 PM and stop at 8:45 AM reopen at 9:30 AM till 2:15 PM EST.

We will go to a minimum of 250 bushels to be contracted at anyone time on all grains. We will have a price at 8:00 AM in the morning as to what the market is doing. Grain coming in across the scales that we are told to sell (as cash) will now be priced at the time the ticket is run in and all other grain will be put on DP or Open Storage. We will have a closing bid sheet (prices) after 3:30 PM. During harvest we will issue grain checks for the cash tickets across the scales the day after you hauled.

Thank-you if you have questions please fell free to call us at 419-653-4132.

  • Tim Hockman, General Manager 



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