Pork Bellies - Swine Flu - Hog Plant Delays - Chart Pitchfork Target

Hog News Synopsis: Cash hogs, wholesale pork and Lean Hog Futures are trending down from their seasonal tops into the Fall and Winter months. News of Swine Flu in Ohio and delayed construction of pork processing plant. October chart with Pitchfork Median Line Target into the mid 50's.

Wholesale Pork: Take a look at the 5 day average of hog cut-out values.


Most of the values are now trading below their 5 day averages.
Anticipate pork loins to hit an exuberant summer top this week.
Futures are just starting their trend down into the Fall and Winter months. And could continue into 2018.

News circulating of swine flu at an Ohio County Fair.
Swine flu, if spread, could be disastrous to pork exports.
Swine Flu

Stock picture of dead hogs infected with swine flu and infested with flies and maggots.

My brother-in-law is a hog farmer. He uses these fly traps that collect up to 20,000 flies to reduce the spread of disease.https://www.amazon.com/Flies-Be-Gone-Toxic-Trap/dp/B000F6BYWM
Reusable jars with bait also available on Amazon. I would like to see more pork, beef and poultry farmers take measures to reduce flies. Spread the word among your farmer friends.
I personally use the smaller versions bought at Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart. Buy one and hang outside in the sun. You'll be amazed and you'll be making your community safer. Give one to your neighbors to try.

Hogs are going through an expansion phase which is timed for the new processing plants under construction.
The Prestage Mason City Iowa plant being built in Eagle Grove, Iowa has hit some construction delays and won't be running in time for the 2018 Spring and Summer processing. The increasing hog expansion and this plant not available as planned will cause tight capacity issues at the other plants next year.

The technical chart of October hogs is very simple.
The Andrews' Pitchfork Median Line target is going to act like a magnet pulling price to it.
Notice price retrospectively retraced to this line before it created the upper tine, giving even higher propensity for it to return to the trendline again, now termed the median line. Price could follow the median line trajectory downward out into future contract months of December and February and possibly into next Spring given the increased expansion, tight capacity concerns and record product for consumers on the horizon.

8:35 am Central

October Hogs