Wholesale Market Asian F&V Report - Atlanta, GA
ATLANTA Terminal Prices as of 13-SEP-2017                                      
Provided by:  Specialty Crops Market News                                      
              Federal - State Market News Service, USDA.                       
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Weather at 7 a.m.  Partly Cloudy 60                                            
Yesterday's high 64                                                            
Market Tones have been omited in that this office was closed Tuesday 
September 13, 2017, due to Tropical Storm Irma while most of the Atlanta Termainal Market remained open.                                                                               


MISC ASIAN VEGETABLES                                                          
---BEAN SPROUTS: OFFERINGS VERY LIGHT.   5 lb film bags TN 6.00-8.00 occas     
---BOK CHOY: OFFERINGS VERY LIGHT.   WGA crates CA 33.50-35.50 mostly 33.50 few
26.7, 30 lb containers CA Baby Bok Choy Green Stem (Shanghai) 29.00-29.50 few  
---CHINESE CABBAGE: OFFERINGS VERY LIGHT.   WGA crates CA Nappa 32.25-34.00    
mostly 32.25-32.50 occas 31.25                                                 
---DAIKON: OFFERINGS VERY LIGHT.   40 lb cartons CA 31.00-34.50 mostly 33.00   
occas 45.00